Intelligent Water Leakage
Management System (NELOW)

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  • Water leak detection / water pressure measurement & analysis

  • Digitalization of water leakage detection with IoT, AI and Cloud technology without experts

  • Cloud-based S/W analyzes and finds leakage area from collected data using smart-phone and IoT device

Intelligent Water Leakage Management System consist of data-collecting IoT devices(Sonic M1, M2), the mobile application and data analyzing S/W

Sonic M1 (Handheld)

ARM MCU, Bluetooth 5.0, Lithium polymer battery

Water leak sound data collection (22,050/sec)

Sonic M2 (Stationary)

ARM MCU, NB-IoT, Bluetooth 5.0, Lithium Ion battery


Android 8.0, BLE 5.0

GIS Master, Water Leak Detection

Water Pressure Management

DMA Monitoring

Maintenance Management


Node.js, Vu.js, AI Model

GIS Master, Water Leak Detection

Water Pressure Management

DMA Monitoring

Maintenance Management

Operation Process

Collect water leakage sound data with Sonic M1

connected to NELOW from Smartphone (Water meters, valves)


AI algorithm analyses collected data

(CNN model)


The user checks the suspicious area

with cloud-based S/W


Precision detection of the leak suspicious area using Sonic M1, pin-point water leakage spot with the collected data


No need for water leak experts

Save 40~50% of time & expenses

Smartphone-based solution

makes it possible to use anywhere in the world

High-precision sensors

Best for micro-leakage

Water pressure data collecting function & Excellent water pressure analysis

Save 40 ~ 50%
Time & Expenses

Hiring local employees for data collection work

100~130 of water meter data collected by 1 person

100~120 water valves data collected by a team(Pair) 

in the World

Smartphone-based solution

Collect & Save data with smartphone application

IoT device with Bluetooth function

Best Detection
for Micro-leakage 

High-precision sensors

Detecting sensors suitable for leakage frequency
of water supply facilities

BPF(Band Path Filter) function for noise cancelling

Excellent Water
Pressure Analysis

Water pressure data collecting function

Normal pressure measurement (Interval 1 min)

Water pressure measurement (Interval 0.1)

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