Intelligent Water Leakage
Management System (NELOW)

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  • Water leak detection from heating pipes of district heating supply (Portable / Installation type)

  • Portable type : Regular detection & collecting data with Sonic M 1 and smartphone

  • Installation type : Real time monitoring water leakages with installed Sonic M 2 inside manholes and hand holes

Intelligent Water Leakage Management System consist of data-collecting IoT devices(Sonic M1, M2), the mobile application and data analyzing S/W

Operation Process
 Portable Type

Collect water leakage sound data with Sonic M 1 connected to NELOW from Smartphone (Water meters, valves)


AI algorithm analyses collected data

(CNN model)


The user checks the suspicious area 

with cloud-based S/W


Precision detection of the leak suspicious area using Sonic M1, pin-point water leakage spot with the collected data

Operation Process
Installation Type
Install Sonic M2(Installation type collection & transmission device) to manholes or handholes
Collect & transmit the water leakage sound data 1 time/day(Midnight)
Real time monitoring from the cloud S/W

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