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WI.Plat Challenges to Solve Global Water Environmental Issues Sustainably

WI.Plat Challenges to Solve Global Water Environmental Issues Sustainably

Founded in 2020, WI.Plat is all about solving leak problems worldwide.
We developed the Intelligent Water Loss Management Solution based on digital innovation technology to save water resources around the world.
WI.Plat offers engineering services encompassing water loss management systems, leak detection equipment and the comprehensive water loss management projects based on innovative technology and know-how.
Through sustainable water management service and technology transfer in developing and underdeveloped countries, WI.Plat aims to bridge the global water service gap around the world, evolving into a digital water solutions company on a global scale.

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Patent & Certification

PPS innovation productsIoT-based Smart Leak Management System (Intelligent Leak Management System)No. 2020-338
GS CertificateIntelligent Leak Management Platform v1.0No. 20-0570
KCSonic M1R-R-WPt-Sonic-M1
CESonic M1
PatentPipe-Embedded Leak Sound Detection Device10-2233736
PatentLeak Sound Management Operations System10-2313851
PatentWater Tank Level Control System using Gradually Adjustable Float Valve10-2265744
PatentDevice and method for diagnosing equipment failure using sound spectrogram image10-2380541
PatentSuspicious leak detection system and method10-2418985
PatentWater leak detection system and method based on hydrodynamic head analysis10-2407676
PatentApparatus and method for determining whether or not there is a leak and estimating the location of the leak using artificial intelligence10-2454925
CertificationWater supply pipe network management agencyGeum River Basin Environmental Office No. 2-8
Business RegistrationEngineering Business Registration Certificate20230117-SG-00000427819

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