NELOW, The Intelligent Total Water Loss Management System

Sound Data Analysis AI Solution

Offering a tailored AI solution that collects and analyzes a wide range of sound
and noise data using our own high-sensitivity acoustic IoT sensor and
CNN-based sound data analysis AI model


Optimal Water Transport Energy Management
AI Solution

Providing Optimal Control Algorithms for Pump and
Valve Control Using Demand Forecasting, Mathematical Analysis,
and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms to Minimize Energy Consumption.


Demand Prediction


Suitable for Time Series Data Compared to Traditional Neural Network Algorithms

Suitable for usage prediction by utilizing past data fitness for forecasting


Mathematical Analysis


Essential for Analyzing the Nonlinear Behavior of Reservoir Systems

Improve Model Accuracy through the Integration of ANN Technology


Optimal Scheduling


Q-Learning-Based Reinforcement Learning Technology: Specialized Algorithm for Optimal Solution Derivation

Suitable for Rapid Optimal Solution Derivation in Numerous Scenarios


Implementation Performance

NO.ProjectClientProject Overview
1AI-Based Intelligent Leak Management SystemMinistry of Environment, K-water etc.Development and Implementation of AI-Based Leak Management Solution
2Development of Image Analysis AI ModelE**Development of AI Model for Image Analysis
3Development of Ultrasonic Frequency Analysis AI SystemJ******Development and Implementation of AI-Based Ultrasonic Frequency Analysis Model
4Pilot Implementation of Low-Carbon AI Water Treatment Plant Energy ManagementK-waterEstablishment of an AI-Integrated EMS System

(In Progress)
5Development of an AI-Based SCADA Water Transport Energy Analysis SystemS*******
Development AI Models for Water Transport Energy Management
6Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced SCADA Data Analysis System Development ProjectS*******Development of AI-Based SCADA Data Analysis System