2023 WI.Plat Leak Detection Workshop

  • Event: 2023 WI.Plat Leak Detection Workshop
  • Date: May 30~31, 2023
  • Location: Wanju Region

WI.Plat held an annual leak detection workshop to promote unity among all employees and explore the effective utilization of our systems.

This year, the entire WI.Plat team mobilized to Wanju, the area where our system is being implemented! To inspect water leaks in the Wanju region, we utilized our leak detection sensors, Sonic M1 and Sonic GL, on water facilities such as water meters and valves. The data collected by our intelligent loss management system sensors is readily available for customers through the access to our software(App, Web) to review at any time, and they can also receive analysis results as reference material in the future. 😊

Our AI model, equipped with advanced leak sound analysis capabilities through data-driven leak detection and big data learning, presents the results of leak sound analysis in the NELOW system.

After conducting leak area inspections, we gathered together to discuss how we can provide more convenient features to our customers through system usage, as well as to evaluate the condition of the leak detection area. We also fostered camaraderie by enjoying delicious meals together! On the second day, we took a stroll along the nearby Sanggwaneom Path, savoring the scent of pine trees. It was a rewarding time to enjoy the beauty of nature amidst our busy lives.

WI.Plat will continue to strive forward, with all employees taking the lead, to benefit areas in need of our systems and the regions where they are being implemented!

Thank you.

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