[KEIA/K-water] Korea-Thailand Green Industry Business Meeting

  • Event : Korea-Thailand Green Industry Business Meeting
  • Date : 11 July, 2023
  • Venue : Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

WI.Plat participated in the Korea-Thailand Green Industry Business Meeting organized by the Korea Environmental Industry Association and Korea Water Resources Corporation.

WI.Plat had been interested in the Thai market since the the POC of Intelligent leakage management system in Bangkok, Thailand in 2022. Therefore, participating in ‘Korea-Thailand Green Industry Business Consultation Meeting’ provided an opportunity to seek partners and customers for the full-scale expansion of business in Thailand.

We are grateful for the interest shown by various Thai government agencies and water-related companies, which resulted in meeting schedules from 10 am to 5 pm throughout the event.

Through meetings with various Thai companies, we were able to gain practical insights into the Thai market and identify potential business directions for market entry. We hope to repay the Korea Environmental Industry Association, Korea Water Resources Corporation, and KOTRA Bangkok Office, who provided us with this opportunity, with good news of successful export contracts in the future for small and medium-sized water management companies.

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