KOICA CTS Seed 1 Program Closing Ceremony

  • Event: KOICA CTS Seed 1 Program Performance Sharing System and Invitation of Key Personnel
  • Date: June 29, 2022 to July 2, 2022 (Wednesday to Friday)
    *6/30-7/1: Visiting K-water headquarters and facilities, business meetings
  • Location: K-water Startup Hub Conference Room, Daejeon

Through the KOICA CTS Seed 1 program, WI.Plat has been conducted an “Development and delivery of sustainable intelligent water leak management platform for water resource management in Indonesia” in Sukabumi, Indonesia for about an year.

To share meaningful progress and performances under the program, WI.Plat has organized ‘KOICA CTS Seed 1 Prgram Closing Ceremony’ with the presence of local organization of water authority of Sukabumi, PDAM TBW and SUPRA International as the business partner of the program. As for Koreans representative organization, the delegates of KOICA, MYSC and K-water were invited to the ceremony.

The ceremony ended with the MOU signing ceremony for the sustainable management and maintenance of the provided system from WI.Plat.

The credit goes to all the delegates and team members of each main organization and WI. Plat. We appreciate all the efforts of each personnel. Thank you.

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