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P4G Project in Hai Duong, Vietnam

Title : Intelligent water leak management system pilot project

Period : Aug 2021 ~ Dec 2021 (5 Months)


  • Capacity building : 7 engineers

  • Water leak detection : 14 points

  • Water leak reduction : 7 ㎥/hr



The P4G project, a collaboration between VUCICO Vietnam, VWSA, HADUWACO, HUCE, and WI.Plat, was conducted from July 2021 to April 2022 in Hai Duong, Vietnam. This project aimed to implement the Intelligent Water Leakage Management Platform across 3 District Metered Areas (DMAs), each serving 2,000 to 3,000 households, to address water loss issues.


Objective and Implementation

The project’s goal was to build local expertise in water leakage management and reduce water leakage by 30% within the targeted areas. It involved deploying the NELOW system, which included setting up a cloud-based server for data storage and analysis, and providing smart devices like mobile acoustic IoT sensors and ultrasonic flow meters for data collection on water distribution.


No Barrier was existed even during Pandemic for this Global Project

During the pilot project in Hai Duong city’s DMAs, over 10 engineers in each city were trained to use the NELOW system for detecting water leaks. The integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) data into NELOW improved the precision in locating water infrastructure, leading to efficient leak detection and management. Initial assessments identified several leaks, which were promptly repaired, showcasing a notable improvement in water conservation and reducing non-revenue water percentages.


Significant Leaks were Detected and Recovered Successfully

The project achieved significant reductions in water loss, validating the effectiveness of the NELOW system in improving water supply management and efficiency. The initiative also illustrated the potential for scaling this technology to other areas, representing a substantial advancement in intelligent water management practices.



The successful implementation of the P4G project in Hai Duong illustrates a practical approach to tackling water loss with advanced technology. By adopting intelligent water management systems like NELOW, there is a clear path forward for enhancing water efficiency and sustainability in urban settings, contributing positively to the management of water resources.