The 3rd anniversary event of WI.Plat foundation day

  • Event: The 3rd-anniversary event of WI.Plat foundation day
  • Date: 2023. Mar. 3
  • Location: Headquarters of WI.Plat, Daejeon, Korea

On March 3, 2023, WI.Plat celebrated its 3rd anniversary since its founding in 2020. As a startup that continues to grow and develop year after year, our anniversary was an opportunity to reflect on our progress and look forward to the future. All of our employees gathered to celebrate this special occasion. The event started with a congratulatory speech. Then, we shared our thoughts and exchanged opinions on the direction we should take moving forward. To commemorate the occasion, we prepared a small but thoughtful snack for our employees and investors.

As part of the anniversary activities, we held a bowling competition where teams cheered each other on and worked together to achieve the highest score. We also had a opportunity to have a face-to-face meal together at both our Daejeon and Seoul offices, allowing our employees to socialize and bond.

In recent years, many industries have shown a keen interest in innovative technological advancements through artificial intelligence and IT. WI.Plat was founded with the vision of achieving a technological leap forward in the water industry through digital innovation as well. We remain committed to that vision and will continue to work hard until the day we can solve the global water leakage problem and eliminate the gap in water supply services.

We look forward to celebrating our 4th anniversary with even greater development. Thank you.

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