WI.Plat Final Pin-pointing in Gokseong

□ Event : WI.Plat Final Pin-pointing in Gokseong

□ Date: Nov. 1, 2023 (Wednesday)

□ Location: Gokseong

On November 1st, WI.Plat employees gathered on a dimly lit night for a specific purpose. They were there to conduct nighttime leak detection in Gokseong-gun using WI.Plat’s intelligent water loss management system. In this leak detection activity, the team utilized the new model of WI.Plat’s leak sensor, Sonic GL. This latest sensor model is known for its excellent performance in detecting ground surface leaks.

All the members of WI.Plat assembled at Daejeon headquaters (Yongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon) and headed to Gokseong-gun. Since leak can be verified the sound that is coming from the broken pipeline to the ground surface. The final pin-pointing leak detection carried out at night when there is the least noises. We do this so that we can minimize the false detection. When the leak spot is pined, the leak recovery work will be done which is to dig up the ground and repair the pipe.

Fortunately, on the same day, the Wi.Plat team confirmed the final leak point. The leak detection process was completed using WI.Plat’s intelligent water loss management system equipment, successfully identifying most of the leaks.

Particularly, due to continuous efforts and improvements in sensor sensitivity and AI models since last year, this upgraded leak sensor contributed to a highly successful detection process. This result reflects improved sensor sensitivity and distinct leak sound recognition capabilities compared to the previous model. The intelligent leakage management system continues to evolve, contributing to minimizing issues caused by leaks in various areas such as regions, buildings, factories, and fire pipelines.

The Wi.Plat team, united by ‘passion’ and ‘collaboration,’ promises to give their best until the end of 2023 and more. Thank you.

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