WI.Plat, Indonesia’s water leak management system pilot project ‘MOU’

‘WI.Plat’, an in-house venture of Korea Water Resources Corporation, is conducting a pilot project for ‘intelligent water leak management system’ in Indonesia. It is expected to expand its business to developing countries that require leakage management for the third time after Vietnam and Malaysia.

According to related industries on the 7th, WI.Plat  signed an MOU with Perumda TBW, a local water supply company, on the 1st (local time) to establish an intelligent water leak management system in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. signed a

The MOU was signed by Sang-hoon Cha, CEO of WI.Plat , and Abdul Kholik Fajdawani, president of Peruda TBW, via an online video method in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

WI.Plat ‘s water leak management system collects leak sounds (water leaks) with IIoT (industrial internet of things) equipment and smartphones, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to find leaks in water pipes. Anyone with a smartphone can easily manage leaks, and it is considered an essential system for developing countries.

WI.Plat  will build this system in Sukabumi, Indonesia and conduct a pilot project for about a year.

CEO Cha said, “I hope that the Sukabumi pilot project will help build a smart city in Indonesia by creating a successful case of technological cooperation between the two companies.” will focus on,” he said.



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