[Eco Times] The 17th Water and Health Symposium and Exhibition

  • Event : The 17th Water and Health Symposium and Exhibition
  • Date : 21-22 June, 2023
  • Venue : K-water Human Resources Development Institute’s 40th-anniversary hall (Daejeon)

From June 21st (Wednesday) to 22nd (Thursday), the annual Water and Health Symposium, commemorating World Environment Day, was successfully held for two days at the Daejeon K-water Human Resources Development Institute’s 40th-anniversary hall.

The theme of this year’s symposium was “Advancing Water Management and Activating the Water Industry.” It centered on the future development direction and strategies for activating related industries, with the participation of key figures from the Ministry of Environment’s Water Use Planning Division and the Korea Water Resources Corporation’s Regional Water Supply Division. The event featured discussions on practical applications of technology and case studies, as well as presentations on support policies and future business plans for domestic water companies like K-water, all aimed at promoting the water industry. Various institutional introductions that could benefit small and medium-sized water-related businesses were also presented.

WI.Plat has been participating in the seminars, workshops, and exhibitions held annually by Environmental Times for the Water and Health Symposium. This year’s event, held in Daejeon, where WI.Plat is headquartered, provided valuable insights into the direction of the water industry and excellent local governance cases, broadening our insights into the domestic market.

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