KOICA CTS Seed 1 Project in Sukabumi, Indonesia

KOICA CTS Seed 1 Project in Sukabumi, Indonesia


Title : KOICA CTS Seed 1 Project in Sukabumi, Indonesia

Period : 16-month period from April 2021 to July 2022



In the vibrant city of Sukabumi, Indonesia, WI.Plat embarked on a transformative journey with the KOICA CTS project aimed at redefining water management practices. This case study explores the pivotal changes brought about in two District Metered Areas (DMAs) of Kadudampit and Badukarut, home to 3,200 households, over a 16-month period from April 2021 to July 2022.


Strategic Approach and Implementation

WI.Plat’s NELOW system, an AI-driven water management solution, was at the core of this project. The implementation process involved:

  • A comprehensive pipe network investigation and assessment.
  • The deployment of the NELOW system to monitor and manage the water network.
  • Capacity building for 20 local engineers in utilizing the NELOW system for effective water loss management.
  • Systematic water leak inspections and detections conducted by the newly trained local engineers.
  • Water leak recovery operations carried out by a local company, reinforcing the project’s commitment to community engagement and empowerment.


Sustainable Development and Local Empowerment

The project yielded significant results:

  • A total of 40 leak points were detected and subsequently repaired.
  • These efforts culminated in annual water savings of 547,000 tons
  • The project’s success translated into the provision of additional clean water resources for approximately 6,000 people, based on the daily usage rate of 0.25 tons per person.

One of the most noteworthy outcomes was the capacity building of local engineers. This initiative not only facilitated the project’s objectives but also ensured sustainability through skill transfer and empowerment. The local engineers, equipped with new expertise, carried out water leak detection independently, showcasing the project’s impact on enhancing local technical capabilities.


Outcome: AI and Local Expertise, WI.Plat’s Impact on Sukabumi’s Water Management

The KOICA CTS project in Sukabumi is a testament to the potential of AI in revolutionizing water management. By integrating advanced technology with local expertise, WI.Plat not only addressed the immediate challenges of water loss but also laid the foundation for sustainable water resource management, leaving a lasting legacy in the city of Sukabumi.