[World Water Day 2024] The 32nd Water Management Symposium and Exhibition

The 32nd Water Management Symposium and Exhibition hosted by Environmental Times


Event Name The 32nd Water Management Symposium and Exhibition

Date February 27 – February 29, 2024 (Tuesday – Thursday)

Venue Jeju International Convention Center

Hosted by: Environmental Times, Environmental Broadcasting GKBS, Korea Water Environment Policy Research Institute

ECO Times holds regular “Water Management Symposium and Exhibition” events twice a year, in the first and second halves. WI.Plat has been participating in this exhibition every year since its establishment. At the first half of the year Water Management Symposium in 2023, CEO Sanghoon Cha presented a session titled “Smart Water: Cases of Improving Local Water Supply Operations and Enhancing Smart Water Management Systems.”

This year, at the 32nd Water Management Symposium and Exhibition held at ICC Jeju International Convention Center in the first half of 2024, WI.Plat successfully concluded its exhibition alongside various domestic water companies.

During this symposium, discussions were held on the topic of “Efficient Water Management and Activation of the Water Industry for Low-Carbon Green Growth,” focusing on strategies for revitalizing the domestic water industry and effectively entering overseas markets. WI.Plat remains committed to contributing to the continuous interest and development of the water industry, and will strive to seize such opportunities in the future!

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