WI.Plat Selected as Participant for Daejeon City’s 3rd D-Unicorn Project

WI.Plat Selected as Participant for Daejeon City’s 3rd D-Unicorn Project


WI.Plat has been selected as a participant in the 3rd cohort of Daejeon City’s D-Unicorn Project. On the 14th, Daejeon City presented plaques to the selected companies at the D-Unicorn Lounge.

The companies selected for the 3rd D-Unicorn cohort include WI.Plat, iBeam Technology Co., Ltd., Ingenium Therapeutics Co., Ltd., Triore Co., Ltd., Blue Tile Lab Co., Ltd., DataMaker Co., Ltd., bHaptics Co., Ltd., Lucent Block Co., Ltd., Qnova Co., Ltd., and Niva Corporation Co., Ltd.

What is the D-Unicorn Project?

The D-Unicorn Project is a program initiated by Daejeon City to identify and nurture promising local SMEs into mid-sized anchor companies. Launched in 2022, this project annually selects up to 10 promising companies and provides them with tailored growth programs. The aim is to foster their growth through focused support that matches the companies’ stages of development and specific needs.

Background of WI.Plat’s Selection

WI.Plat has been developing innovative technology aimed at sustainable water use through an intelligent comprehensive leak management system. The successful results of their pilot project in Indonesia and the recognition of their technological prowess both domestically and internationally led to their selection for the D-Unicorn Project.

Key Features of the D-Unicorn Project

  • Tailored Growth Programs: Support for company growth through various programs customized to the specific conditions, characteristics, and development stages of each company.
  • Business Space Provision: Selected companies are given priority access to the D-Unicorn Lounge, a dedicated business space.
  • Network Building: Support through networks with venture capital firms and government research institutions in Daejeon for technical and managerial consulting.
  • Investment Attraction and IR Support: Opportunities to attract investment through investment briefings linked with venture capital firms in the Seoul metropolitan area and other regions.
  • Financial Support: Up to 90 million KRW in funding for scaling operations and exploring global markets.

The D-Unicorn Project by Daejeon City announces its selection and application process annually in March, selecting around 10 companies. The selected companies can participate in the project for three years. For more information, you can contact the city’s Startup Promotion Division.

WI.Plat is expected to grow even faster with the support of Daejeon City through the D-Unicorn Project. We will continue to provide sustainable water management solutions through innovative technology development and application.

WI.Plat’s selection lays the foundation for further advancement in the field of sustainable water management technology. We ask for your continued interest and support.

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