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4th Anniversary: Speech, Team Games, Cake, Teamwork, Growth


Event Name WI.Plat 4th Anniversary Celebration

Date March 4, 2024 (Monday)

Venue WI.Plat Headquarters and Local public field

March 3, 2020, marked the founding day of WI.Plat.

Every year, on the anniversary of its founding, WI.Plat expresses gratitude to its employees by hosting a celebratory event.

This year’s 4th-anniversary celebration event took place on Monday, March 4th. It began with a commemorative speech by CEO Sanghoon Cha, followed by safety management training for safe site activities and team-building indoor and outdoor games.

During the CEO’s anniversary speech, gratitude was expressed to all employees who have been part of WI.Plat’s journey from its inception to the present. A cake-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate WI.Plat’s four years of success and to look forward to a brighter future together. For this special occasion, WI.Plat illuminated the event with a cake featuring the popular strawberry si-ru cake from the local bakery, Sungimdang.

As the indoor and outdoor recreational activities commenced, the initially unfamiliar atmosphere quickly turned into one of spirited competition driven by passion. Team-based relay word games, shuttlecock kicking, flipping tiles, and a variety of other fun indoor games were enjoyed by all participants. Particularly, a game inspired by the TV show, where participants had to complete designated missions while blindfolded with a cockle hat, brought laughter and joy to everyone.

While WI.Plat has typically organized indoor activities to foster creativity during internal events, the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities brought about an energetic day for all. WI.Plat pledges to continue growing relentlessly to ensure that both existing employees and new additions will share in the future anniversary celebrations.

Thank you.


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