□ Event: Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 (SCEWC 2023)

□ Date: 2023. 11. 07 (Thu) ~ 11.09 (Thu)

□ Venue: Fira Barcelona Gran via, Barcelona Spain

WI.Plat participated in the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) 2023 held in Barcelona, Spain, with the support of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA). At the event, which provided insights into the present and future of digital transformation, urban environments, and next-generation mobility, WI.Plat showcased its leak detection technology that integrates IoT and AI.

The booth received visits from system suppliers and officials from Catalonia, creating opportunities for networking and consultations to lay the groundwork for entering the European market. Additionally, during the Business IR session provided by NIPA, WI.Plat had the chance to present the importance of leak detection and the excellence of its products to all attendees within the NIPA Pavillion.

The water leak rates in European countries range from 10% to 60%, showing significant variations among nations. WI.Plat plans to establish promotional strategies targeting countries with low water leakage rates, such as Bulgaria and Romania, to advocate for the necessity of implementing leak reduction systems.

WI.Plat will continue putting in much effort and development to emphasize the indispensability of its solutions for building smart cities along with providing solution within water industry.


□ Event : WI.Plat Final Pin-pointing in Gokseong

□ Date: Nov. 1, 2023 (Wednesday)

□ Location: Gokseong

On November 1st, WI.Plat employees gathered on a dimly lit night for a specific purpose. They were there to conduct nighttime leak detection in Gokseong-gun using WI.Plat’s intelligent water loss management system. In this leak detection activity, the team utilized the new model of WI.Plat’s leak sensor, Sonic GL. This latest sensor model is known for its excellent performance in detecting ground surface leaks.

All the members of WI.Plat assembled at Daejeon headquaters (Yongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon) and headed to Gokseong-gun. Since leak can be verified the sound that is coming from the broken pipeline to the ground surface. The final pin-pointing leak detection carried out at night when there is the least noises. We do this so that we can minimize the false detection. When the leak spot is pined, the leak recovery work will be done which is to dig up the ground and repair the pipe.

Fortunately, on the same day, the Wi.Plat team confirmed the final leak point. The leak detection process was completed using WI.Plat’s intelligent water loss management system equipment, successfully identifying most of the leaks.

Particularly, due to continuous efforts and improvements in sensor sensitivity and AI models since last year, this upgraded leak sensor contributed to a highly successful detection process. This result reflects improved sensor sensitivity and distinct leak sound recognition capabilities compared to the previous model. The intelligent leakage management system continues to evolve, contributing to minimizing issues caused by leaks in various areas such as regions, buildings, factories, and fire pipelines.

The Wi.Plat team, united by ‘passion’ and ‘collaboration,’ promises to give their best until the end of 2023 and more. Thank you.

□ Event: WI.Plat Autumn Picnic

□ DateL Oct. 24 (Tue)

□ Venue: Head office of WI.Plat and other places

On October 24th, the entire WI.Plat team gathered at the Daejeon headquarters office. In the morning, we divided into four teams to discuss WI.Plat’s corporate ‘Core Values’ together and had a session to visually represent the decided core values. During the approximately 2-hour WI.Plat Core Values Drawing Contest, each of the four teams was randomly divided, allowing team members, who had mainly communicated about work, to share their thoughts and collaborate to express their cherished core values through drawings.

The core values of WI.Plat, born from the opinions of about 20 employees, were determined to be “Free”, “Teamwork” and “Passion.” If expressed in a sentence, it signifies that all team members progress with ‘passion’ while being ‘free’ to work together in ‘team’. These core values were created by combining words that come to mind when WI.Plat employees think of working at WI.Plat.

A group that closely captured the core values of WI.Plat, reflecting the opinions of most of WI.Plat team members, won first place in the drawing contest! 😁

After enjoying a delicious lunch together, we visited the Jangdong Forest Bath, fostering harmony and communication among the employees who hadn’t met in a while. Jangdong Forest Bath is home to one of Daejeon’s main tourist attractions, the Geojuk Mountain Hwangto Trail. This trail is made of red clay, and walking barefoot on this path is said to be excellent for blood circulation and overall health.

WI.Plat employees were “free” to decide for themselves whether they wanted to walk barefoot or wear shoes at the forest bath. Some chose to walk barefoot, while others opted to wear their shoes for the stroll.

Before parting ways with the Seoul Research Center team after a long time, we headed to the Wadong Hanmaeum BBQ Restaurant for a light dinner. This location provided a glamping-like atmosphere where we could grill and enjoy meat. Just like a campfire, we grilled our meat and gathered in the middle of the tent field for some bonding, concluding the 2023 WI.Plat autumn outing.

It would be great to have such gatherings of WI.Plat employees, who rarely come together, a little more frequently. Moving forward, we will continue to work ‘freely’ and ‘passionately,’ collaborating to provide our customers with better solutions. Thank you!



□ Event : VIETWATER2023 – Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Water Expo

□ Date: October 11(Wed) –  13(Fri), 2023

□ Venue: SECC (Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center)

WI.Plat participated in the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Water Expo (VIETWATER2023) this year, following its participation last year.

At VIETWATER2023, meetings were held with overseas buyers from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, and other countries. Many visitors expressed significant interest in the water management system based on AI technology. WI.Plat has decided to maintain continuous communication with the visitors who showed interest in the exhibition through the partner company DDC (DIADU CO., LTD.), with whom WI.Plat has been in contact since last year.

While preparing for the Vietnamese market entry since 2022, we hope this exhibition will be an opportunity to reintroduce WI.Plat. Through close cooperation with DDC, our newly established partnership, we aim to bring a digital innovation wind to the water market in Vietnam.

  • Event: Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC2023)
  • Date: October 02 (Monday) – 04 (Wednesday), 2023
  • Venue: McCormick Place, Chicago

The WEFTEC exhibition, hosted by the Water Environment Federation in the United States, is known as the largest event of its kind in North America. This event serves as a gathering place for water quality professionals from around the world. This year, the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association participated in WEFTEC 2023 as a performing agency for the Overseas Exhibition Support Program of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), showcasing the latest products and technologies of 8 Korean water companies to support the global market development of small and medium-sized water companies in Korea.

WI.PLAT participated as one of the 8 water companies in the Korean Pavilion at WEFTEC 2023, engaging in discussions with numerous local and international buyers. Since the first half of 2023, WI.PLAT has been planning various market research and sales activities for market entry into the United States by establishing a US center. Therefore, participation in the WEFTEC exhibition provided a valuable opportunity to directly meet and consult with various water market stakeholders active in the US market.

We express our sincere gratitude to KOTRA Chicago Office and the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association for their dedicated efforts in operating the Korean Pavilion at WEFTEC.

  • Event : World Smart City Expo (WSCE2023)
  • Date: September 6 (Wednesday) – 8 (Friday), 2023
  • Venue: KINTEX

The World Smart City Expo (WSCE2023), held at KINTEX 1 Exhibition Hall in Ilsan from September 6th to 9th, brought together global governments and experts in the field of smart cities to explore the changes in smart cities, making it the largest event of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. Hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning, the event has been a platform for knowledge exchange and the establishment of a global cooperation network in the field of smart cities since its first edition in 2017.

WSCE 2023 featured various programs such as official events, awards, related theme conferences, exhibitions, and business meetings, targeting domestic and international governments, local authorities, smart city-related companies, academic experts, and more. The WSCE conference shared insights from smart city experts on four themes: Governance, Data, Technology, and Financing. At this event, Mr. Sang-Hoon Cha, the CEO of WI.PLAT, was invited as a speaker for the session “Smart City Innovation Onstage – Today’s Smart City Innovation Technology Becomes Tomorrow’s Life,” where he presented WI.PLAT’s innovative technology.

The invitation of Mr. Cha, who has developed an ‘Intelligent Leakage Management System’ utilizing digital technology to overcome the constraints of people, space, and time to solve the global leakage problem, was a great opportunity for WI.PLAT to reach more stakeholders through WSCE.

Thank you.

  • Event: IWA Efficient 2023
  • Date: 2023. 9. 13 (Wed) ~ 15 (Fri)
  • Venue: Bordeaux, France

The IWA (International Water Association) Efficient 2023 conference, held in Bordeaux, France from September 13th to 15th, 2023, covered various topics related to efficient water management in urban areas. WI.PLAT conducted a session presentation on Session 19-Non Revenue Water, Leakage, and Pressure Management during this conference.

Approximately 60 stakeholders attended this session, where the head of WI.Plat America Regional Office, Dr. Gyeong Sung Kim, was selected as one of the four main speakers. This provided an opportunity to promote WI.PLAT’s technology to a diverse range of attendees. As the conference took place in France, it offered networking opportunities with professionals from various European countries. Meetings with leakage experts facilitated discussions about WI.PLAT’s unique technology and potential collaborations in the future.

  • Evnet : Thai Water Expo
  • Date : 2023.08.29 (Wed) ~ 09.01 (Fri)
  • Venue : Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok

During the three-day THAIWATER 2023 exhibition held from August 30th to September 1st, WI.PLAT unveiled its ‘Intelligent Leak Management System’ for the first time in the Thai market.

The water market in Thailand is predominantly focused in Bangkok, where over 60-70% of the entire industry is water-related. Water supply in Thailand is managed by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA), the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA), and 27 local private enterprises.

While touring the THAIWATER 2023 exhibition in Bangkok, we noticed a variety of equipment exhibited by various Japanese and European companies. On the second day of the exhibition, we had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Thai market through consultations with representatives from MWA, as well as various local industry stakeholders.

We aim to explore the possibility of further promoting pilot projects within Thailand through continued communication with the buyers who visited the WI.PLAT booth. We are grateful for the interest and dedication shown by many industry professionals who visited the exhibition in Thailand despite the hot weather.

  • Evnet : Indowater Expo & Forum 2023
  • Date : 2023.08.29 (Wed) ~ 09.01 (Fri)
  • Venue : JIEXPO(Jakarta International) Kemayora

INDOWATER is Indonesia’s largest specialized water treatment exhibition, with 227 companies and 9,112 individuals participating from 33 countries worldwide as of 2022.

WI.PLAT entered the Indonesian market through the KOICA CTS SEED 1 program in 2021 and has been actively pursuing business activities ever since. At INDOWATER 2022, we presented our technology at a seminar hosted by the local water and sanitation association in Indonesia (PEREPAMSI) and engaged in ongoing discussions with numerous local water utility (PDAM) officials at the WI.PLAT booth.

During the INDOWATER 2023 exhibition, we introduced our newly developed Sonic GL model to the Indonesian market. Sonic GL, a mobile IoT leak sensor utilizing piezoelectric elements and magnets, is a highly sensitive product specialized in detecting water leaks. The Sonic GL is designed not only for water utility systems but also for detecting leaks in industrial water supply and fire-fighting piping, as well as household plumbing. This product, when integrated with an AI-powered mobile cloud app, detects the sound of leaks and allows the AI to determine the presence of leaks.

At this year’s exhibition, we were able to engage in discussions not only with local water utility officials (PDAM) but also with industry representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, receiving various inquiries about system usage and pilot projects.

Going forward, WI.PLAT aims to contribute to water resource management worldwide, catering to continuous research and development and technological innovation aligned with customer demands. We sincerely appreciate your continued interest and support.

  • Event : Korea-Thailand Green Industry Business Meeting
  • Date : 11 July, 2023
  • Venue : Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

WI.Plat participated in the Korea-Thailand Green Industry Business Meeting organized by the Korea Environmental Industry Association and Korea Water Resources Corporation.

WI.Plat had been interested in the Thai market since the the POC of Intelligent leakage management system in Bangkok, Thailand in 2022. Therefore, participating in ‘Korea-Thailand Green Industry Business Consultation Meeting’ provided an opportunity to seek partners and customers for the full-scale expansion of business in Thailand.

We are grateful for the interest shown by various Thai government agencies and water-related companies, which resulted in meeting schedules from 10 am to 5 pm throughout the event.

Through meetings with various Thai companies, we were able to gain practical insights into the Thai market and identify potential business directions for market entry. We hope to repay the Korea Environmental Industry Association, Korea Water Resources Corporation, and KOTRA Bangkok Office, who provided us with this opportunity, with good news of successful export contracts in the future for small and medium-sized water management companies.