• Event: KOPPEX 2023
  • Date: 2023 Apr. 26 ~ 28
  • Location: KINTEX (Ilsan)

WI.Plat participated in 2023 KOPPEX as a CES award section and had a chance to showcase the product, NELOW (The Intelligent Water Loss Management System).

Thanks to many visitors visiting our booth and expressing their interest, the exhibition was successfully done.

In particular, buyers from Turkey, Malaysia, Serbia, etc. participated in the export consultation for overseas buyers, and through this opportunity, we plan to promote future business between the two companies.

As a leak detection engineering company, we will strive to improve quality and performance, become more diligent, and become an honest company trusted by customers.

Thank you.

  • Event: WIS 2023
  • Date: 2023 Apr. 19 ~ 21
  • Location: COEX (Seoul)

WI.Plat participated in the ‘Green Convergence Cluster’ booth of KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute) at the World IT Show, the largest ICT comprehensive exhibition in Korea, showcasing our ‘Intelligent Water Loss Management System.’ The exhibition, hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, was held for 3 days from April 19th to April 21st at COEX in Seoul.

This exhibition was an opportunity to meet visitors from various industries, organizations, and companies participating in ICT-related technology. Through our participation in this exhibition, we were able to broaden our knowledge of the latest trends and technologies of promising ICT companies within Korea. It was a meaningful occasion for WI.Plat to be inspired by the ICT technologies needed to grow as a global digital water solutions company.

We are grateful to KEITI for providing us with the opportunity to participate in the booth preparation, and we would also like to express our appreciation to everyone who visited the WI.Plat booth during the exhibition. Thank you.

  • Event: Water Philippines 2023
  • Date: 2023 Mar. 22 ~ 24
  • Location: SMX Convention Center, Manila

Water Philippines is an event where the top international water supply, sanitation, industrial wastewater treatment, and water purification-related companies in the Philippines gather to showcase their latest equipment and technologies.

Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and its largest city with a population of approximately 10 million, is the political, economic, and cultural center. Due to rapid urbanization and development, the importance of water infrastructure management has been increasingly recognized in recent years. WI.Plat visited in the Water Philippines 2023 exhibition held for 3 days from March 22nd to 24th to investigate the status of local water management companies and leak management technology in the Philippines.

By visiting various booths of Philippine exhibitors, we were able to obtain valuable information on the current address and industry trends of the Philippine NRW market. Through our participation in the Water Philippines 2023 exhibition, we successfully established a foundation for WI.Plat’s entry into the Philippine market and had fruitful meetings with local business partners. We hope to bring good news about our Philippine market-related endeavors in the future. Thank you!

  • Event: 2023 Water Korea Exhibition
  • Date: 2023 Mar. 21~23
  • Location: KINTEX, Goyang-si

WI.Plat participated in WATER KOREA 2023, a specialized exhibition for the water industry in South Korea, representing the country. The event, hosted by the KWWA (Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association), took place at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi Province, from March 21st to 23rd.

At WI.Plat’s booth, which won the CES 2023 Innovation Award this year, many high-ranking officials from various organizations, including the Prime Minister of South Korea, Han Duck-soo, the National Water Company (NWC) of Saudi Arabia, the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the Indonesian water utility PERPAMSI, and the Vietnam Water Supply Association (VWSA), visited and paid attention to our technology. In addition, officials from local water utility management agencies and business representatives with an interest in leak detection technology also visited.

Participating in the exhibition was an opportunity for WI.Plat to reflect on current trends and development directions in the water industry. WI.Plat will continue to actively research and work towards the development of the water industry.

  • Event: The 3rd-anniversary event of WI.Plat foundation day
  • Date: 2023. Mar. 3
  • Location: Headquarters of WI.Plat, Daejeon, Korea

On March 3, 2023, WI.Plat celebrated its 3rd anniversary since its founding in 2020. As a startup that continues to grow and develop year after year, our anniversary was an opportunity to reflect on our progress and look forward to the future. All of our employees gathered to celebrate this special occasion. The event started with a congratulatory speech. Then, we shared our thoughts and exchanged opinions on the direction we should take moving forward. To commemorate the occasion, we prepared a small but thoughtful snack for our employees and investors.

As part of the anniversary activities, we held a bowling competition where teams cheered each other on and worked together to achieve the highest score. We also had a opportunity to have a face-to-face meal together at both our Daejeon and Seoul offices, allowing our employees to socialize and bond.

In recent years, many industries have shown a keen interest in innovative technological advancements through artificial intelligence and IT. WI.Plat was founded with the vision of achieving a technological leap forward in the water industry through digital innovation as well. We remain committed to that vision and will continue to work hard until the day we can solve the global water leakage problem and eliminate the gap in water supply services.

We look forward to celebrating our 4th anniversary with even greater development. Thank you.

  • Event: 2022 Chungnam National University Startup Incubation Center’s resident company recognized for achievement-based performance
  • Date: 2023. Feb. 28
  • Location: ICC Jeju, Jeju island

WI.Plat participated as a resident company in the “2022 Startup Incubation Center Tenant Award Ceremony” held at the Talent Development Institute of Chungnam National University. We are deeply grateful to have received the top prize for revenue growth rate and the excellent award for the second highest employment growth rate among the many resident companies in the Startup Incubation Center.

Through our activities in 2023, we will strive to achieve the top prize in both revenue and employment growth rates at next year’s award ceremony.

Our goal is to become the digital No.1 water solution company, WI.Plat. Thank you.

  • Event: 2023 Water Valley Business Week
  • Date: 2023. Feb. 23 ~ 24
  • Location: Korea Water Cluster, Daegu City

WI.Plat successfully completed the 2023 Water Valley Business Week Exhibition. Co-organized by Gyeongsangbuk-do, Daegu City, K-water, and the Korea Environmental Corporation, the Water Valley Business Week Exhibition is a platform that brings together domestic water-related companies and institutions from Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk to exchange information on business and new technologies related to water supply, sewage treatment, and wastewater treatment.

During the exhibition, WI.Plat, had the opportunity to meet with officials from institutions in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk to discuss water supply management and exchange opinions on the use of digital innovation technologies in water supply management through WI.Plat’s “Intelligent Leakage Management System” (NELOW). It was a meaningful opportunity to discuss the direction for the future.

We express our gratitude to the officials from domestic institutions who participated in this event and to those who worked hard to organize this exhibition. Thank you.

  • Event: 2023 Water Management Symposium & Fair (WMS&F)
  • Date: 2023. Feb. 22 ~ 24
  • Location: ICC Jeju, Jeju island

WI.Plat participated in the 2023 Water Management Symposium & Fair (WMS&F), which opens an opportunity for exchanges across the water industry under the theme of Response and Development Strategy of the Water Industry Market for Low Carbon Green Growth to foster the Domestic Water Industry. The event marks its 31st anniversary in 2023.

On the first day of the symposium, WI.Plat gave talk about the “Local Water Smart Leak Management Plan” through a session presentation on the opening day of the symposium on February 22nd (Subject: Smart water, local water operation improvement cases, and smart water management system improvement). In this presentation, WI.Plat’s newly developed product, Sonic T1, was unveiled for the first time.

During the visit to Jeju Island, WI.Plat also had a meaningful place to visit museums that are suffering from financial damage due to leakage problems and provided free consulting services. We provided more realistic and professional leak prevention consulting to the manager. It was a great chance to think about the development of leak detection technology for areas with special geographical characteristics consisting of volcanic topography like Jeju Island.

Starting from Korea, WI.Plat will try to close the gap in water services across the country. Thank you.

  • Event: 38th Water Comprehensive Technology Conference and Excellent Equipment Exhibition 2023
  • Date: 2023 Feb. 09
  • Location: Gyeongju Hwabaek Convention Center, Gyeongju, Korea

On February 9th and 10th, the Gyeongju Hwabaek Convention Center hosted the 38th bi-annual Water Technology Conference and Exhibition, marking the occasion of World Water Day in 2023. Among the attendees were approximately 1,000 water industry professionals within South Korea. Although it was a One-day exhibition event, WI.Plat’s booth received significant interest from officials of local water supply companies in the Gyeongju area, as well as from public institutions such as the K-water and the Korea Environmental Corporation. Leakage detection and other water supply construction-related companies also showed great interest.

The event served as an opportunity for companies with expertise in a variety of water-related industries to communicate and share their technologies. For WI.Plat, this was our first domestic exhibition in 2023, and we are grateful to the organizers, including for making this event meaningful for us. We will continue to participate in future exhibitions to promote WI.Plat’s technology more widely in the water industry.

  • Event: 2023 International CES
  • Date: 2023 Jan. 05~08 (Thu to Sun)
  • Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, USA

WI.Plat participated ‘2023 International CES’ with K water and other water&energy related companies and ended the exhibition in great success.

For this year of CES2023, 3,000 enterprises from 173 countries including Korea, US, France and China had participated in exhibition to show their innovative technology and visions. It is estimated that 110 thousand visitors had visited CES2023.

During the exhibition, ‘Intelligent water leak management system(NELOW)’ received great attention from many US and South American buyers along with other visitors of our booth.

Last but not least, the upgraded version of ‘Intelligent water leak management system(NELOW_VER 2) had won ‘CES Innovation Award 2023’ for smart cities sector that the part of our system was displayed in the Innovation award zone of the venue.

The exhibition was a good start of the year 2023 which gave us many chance to meet new potential buyers in American market.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to K water, visitors and other accompanied enterprises to the exhibition.

Thank you.